Hey you

Yeah, you. Tired of life? I get it. But even if you don’t believe it, there are and there will be people who care for you. Who will support you either way. Accept you the way you are. Who will care you about and about your feelings, and who will like you for the person you are, regardless of the mistakes you might have done, the flaws you have…. So keep your head up and let me see that smile.

Mental Health

Here are some resources to help out if you’re struggling

Physical Health Resources

Physical exercise is a good way to lift up your mood and to give you adrenaline. Try it out, it won’t hurt

Productivity Resources

Managing your time well and not getting sidetracked is hard, and even the best of us struggle at times. And lack of motivation is normal. You have to find a good way to motivate yourself

Feel free to dm me if you ever need someone